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Color: Many varieties of different colors – tan, red, black.

Workers: Many sizes.

Nesting: Carpenters hollow out dead,moist wood in trees, firewood and fence posts to build nests, but they don’teat wood. Inside, they build colonies in wall voids, foam insulation, eaves,and crawlspaces. Carpenter ants forage at night during summer months.

Location: Throughout the United States.



Color: Red imported fire ant, black imported fire ant, tropical fire ant, and the mature southern fire ant all have painful stings.

Workers: Many sizes.

Nesting: Usually build mounds outdoors in sunny areas and are very aggressive. Colonies can grow to hundreds of thousands.

Location: Throughout southern states.



Color: Light brown to dark brownish black.

Workers: One size with heart-shaped abdomen.

Nesting: They nest outdoors in soil,leaves, or wood; indoors in building voids and insulation; May be found in wood previously tunneled by termites or carpenter ants, also in rigid foam insulation.

Location: Throughout the United States.


Color: Dark brown to black, body often has faint bluish iridescence due to grey hairs.

Workers: One size; Easy to identify by observing its rapid and erratic movements.

Nesting: Highly adaptable, living in both very dry and rather moist habitats. It often nests some distance away from its foraging area in such places as trash, cavities in plants and trees, rotten wood, and in soil under objects.

Location: Throughout the United States.



Color: Dark brown to pale blond.

Workers: One size, commonly mistaken for the little black ant or pharaoh ant.

Nesting: Common in woods and other natural settings, as well as around buildings. In natural settings they nest in soil or decaying wood. In buildings they prefer areas with high moisture and are often associated with bathrooms or plumbing or structural leaks.

Location: Reported in many states, particularly the southern states from California to Florida.